We aim to nourish understanding and build networks to create positive impacts

Working in collaboration with partners to create high impact pieces of work, i-see Brazil explores the edges of new social and economic realities that are being forged across Brazil.

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A maker lab in the heart of Rio

WikiHouse /RIO is a TED prize-winning project to set up an open-source lab in the Complexo de Alemão group of favelas in  Rio de Janeiro. Teaming up with the designers of the wonderful WikiHouse and Rio based social impact agency Dharma, our aim is to tap into Brazil’s effervescent creative, maker culture and provide the communities with the tools and capabilities baked into the WikiHouse ethos to take their skills to the next level.

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Brazil and the case for muddle-through-ology

“From the jeitinho, the skilled art of finding a way to get things done against the odds, to the oft derided gambiarra, working deftly within constraints to improvise something useful out of what you have to hand, these highly prized attributes have in Brazil their own living laboratory.”  



A mission to explore how a creative, collaborative and networked economy is coalescing to help Brazil leap into the 21st century.

This new economy could lay the foundations of a new era of development for Brazil helping to overcome traditional innovation and productivity bottlenecks. CREATEBRAZIL will explore the contours of this world, from its new institutional underpinnings to the work of pioneers across the country, connecting a Brazilian experience with an emerging global realignment of what a type of productivity that is fit for the 21st century could come to look like.


Counting Brazil’s gross national happiness

“Few things are more likely to invoke the suspicion of very serious people in advanced economies than loose talk about measuring national happiness.You can imagine the eyebrows rising further when an institution in an emerging economy like Brazil…””  


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